Jacob A. Matthews

jam963 at cornell dot edu

I’m a PhD candidate in Romance Studies with a minor in Cognitive Science at Cornell.

My current interests include:

  • representational analysis of language and embedding models
  • human and machine language processing, particularly of literary texts
  • adapting methods from computational linguistics and NLP for humanities research.

My graduate committee is Laurent Dubreuil (chair), Morten Christiansen, and Shimon Edelman.

I also collaborate with people in:

Some recent and ongoing projects:

  • “Grokking Wug Vectors”. Jacob A. Matthews and Marten van Schijndel. 36th Annual Conference on Human Sentence Processing, 2023. (abstract) (poster)
  • “Give or take a few representations”. John R. Starr, Jacob A. Matthews, and Marten van Schijndel. (ongoing)
  • “Poetry, AI and the Mind: A Humanities-Cognitive Science Transdisciplinary Exploration” with Morten Christiansen, Laurent Dubreuil, and Pablo Contreras Kallens (ongoing).